Sapphire Lottery Results: And the winners are…

Sapphire Lottery Feb 16th, 2018 – The Draw Results

The Sapphire Lottery draw has been completed for the Sapphire “Chinese New Year” Lottery (Lotto ID: 5A86D5D1).

A total of 101 Sapphire Coin owners have won! The grand price of 1,000,000 SPH went to Turku area, Finland, for a Sapphire Coin owner and upcoming ClickJackpot gambler, with nickname “bent-hope”. The winner has been contacted and at the moment he wants to stay anonymous. The award event will be agreed with him in the coming week.

The winners have been notified separately and the winnings are available on their wallet as of now.

Please see below the table of  winners and their nicknames. For privacy purposes, we only use nicknames in public communications. In addition to this table below, an addition of 90 winners won 1000 SPH in the lottery.

Winner Amount
bent-hope 1000000 SPH
hushed-fruit 50000 SPH
slim-action 50000 SPH
painful-berry 20000 SPH
hurt-current 20000 SPH
feigned-wrench 20000 SPH
salty-harmony 10000 SPH
greasy-cushion 10000 SPH
ludicrous-cemetery 10000 SPH
material-silver 10000 SPH
abhorrent-songs 10000 SPH


“I want winners. I want people who want to win..” –Mike Singletary

The Sapphire team likes to congratulate all winners!

Sapphire – The Currency Of The Winners