Sapphire Day 2018 Event Summary

Sapphire Day 2018 Event Summary and Highlights

The first ever Sapphire Day was held on June 18th at Helsinki and June 20th at Tallinn – The Sapphire Day 2018 event. Thank you for all participants and especially, we would like thank you for the discussions and active contribution during the event between the participants and the Sapphire team. It was a great event and we look forward to arrange that in future also.

This post will highlight and summarize some of the main topics and agenda items that were shown during the meeting event. About a week has passed and we have recovered from the trip and working again in the office. It is time to wrap up – the ICO sales phase ends soon!

The Sapphire Day 2018 was held in Helsinki at Clarion Hotel venue and Hilton Park hotel in Tallinn. The venues were selected due to their high quality event arrangement possibilities and their experience in arranging business events. We also had a DJ onboard to facilitate background music for the business networking.

The purpose of the Sapphire Day was to meet investors and owners of Sapphire Coin as well as fans of ClickJackpot, the future one click millionaire players. Mr. Matti Vilola, the chairman of the Sapphire Coin, held the welcome speech and highlighted the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, discuss and in basis of these discussions – define the future together.

The Sapphire Coin is a new Ethereum blockchain based ERC20 token – a new cryptocurrency for winners. It is exclusively used for ClickJackpot and the Sapphire Coin ecosystem consists of wallet system and integrated payments platform allowing easy addition of SPH payments to any website, webshop or online application. The Sapphire Card is in the pipeline.

The Sapphire Coin is fixed supply and the total supply is 1,000,000,000 coins (1 Billion). No more, no less. A total of 96% of is allocated to be sold or provided to users and players and only 2+2% is allocated for owners and partners. This supply structure supports the generic audience and allows wide adaptation of the coin.

The project started in Q4 2017 once the pre-sales started in October 2017. The team was formally created and development was started. The brand and first videos were released and once the patent pending status was reached, we were able to release the first SapphireCoin White Paper. During 2018 the sale has continue with Pre-ICO and ICO sales phases. The marketing activities have been established as well as multiple sponsorship deals with sportsmen: world champion, olympic medalists, Rally drivers, even padel tennis players. The social media page (Facebook) and online search engine optimization (SEO) work was started and first press releases and articles were released. Userbase growth has been rapid and during Sapphire Day event, an announcement of reaching over 30k+ registered users was announced. The status and progress with lottery was discussed and the difference between early lottery and currently running weekly investor lottery was explained. Now, the project is soon entering to Launch phase which includes following activities: ClickJackpot beta testing, ClickJackpot game launch and public availability, digital exchange integrations, digital exchange launch & exchange!

When talking about the user base growth and number of users, we also took a look about the current user base distribution. We realized that our main users are from Europe and Asia and the biggest organic interest is coming from Asia. A discussions was held about what it means and why it impacts our decisions in the past and also in the future. On the other hand, it was seen very interesting expansion and opportunities in South America and Africa.

The roadmap includes release of new features both for SapphireCoin and for ClickJackpot. The development continues even first targets have been met. The year 2019 is the year of expansion!

A partnership with Arctic Blue Gin was announced. This is the world’s best gin and double gold winner in the recent Spirit of the Year competition in Austria, highly recognized award among the industry. SapphireCoin is the only partner that is getting their own Arctic Blue Gin – Sapphire Edition, which is a special edition, limited edition, with only 1000 bottles ever produced. More information about this announcement is to be provided later and how to purchase these bottles. This is the spirit for the winners!

A partnership with Beedup, fan-to-fan social betting platform, was announced. Beedup is a new platform that is purely focused on social betting and fan-to-fan information sharing and newsfeeds. The platform will be released for public audience soon, targeted in September 2018. The superior news is that SapphireCoin is the exclusive currency to do the betting in this platform! Stay tuned for more information!

Finally, a detailed demonstration and introduction to ClickJackpot, the One Click Millionaire game, was held and shown. The game was demonstrated as well as the game logic was shown and presented to the audience – few persons even had a chance to try the game themselves! 🙂 The status with the game is that Alpha testing is ongoing and public Beta testing will be started soon – the production infrastructure is being prepared and once that is ready, public Beta testing will be enabled and we will start to ramp up more and more people to use their existing SapphireCoin and play against other users: Beta testing allows people to use their SapphireCoin and win more, assuming they can click smarter and better than others. Exciting news!

That is all for now. Stay tuned for more news and announcements in coming weeks. It is exciting times ahead and remember to buy your SPH now!

The Sapphire Coin® (SPH) is a new cryptocurrency for online gaming, gambling and betting. ClickJackpot® is a new skill-based, patent pending, gambling game with one of the biggest jackpots in any lotto, gambling or betting scenario. You click to play and play to win.

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