Final Lottery Draw: Friday 13th

The Sapphire weekly investor lottery will be ended!

Based on the feedback we have received during our Sapphire Day and post-event discussions, the Sapphire Coin management team has decided to end the investor weekly lottery now when the ICO phase has completed.

Instead we will set our focus on completing our next goals and milestones and to provide awesome new experiences that support our growing Sapphire Coin community and ClickJackpot user base (see previous post about reaching over 40k+ registered users)! Our next priority is to launch ClickJackpot Beta along with first exciting “click lotto” features that provides possibility to win with every click – every day, multiple some rewards will be provided for a random click, it’s kind of like lottery, click lottery. Stay tuned for the new updates – this is in the task list and will be completed once the Beta and launch has been finished.

The last Sapphire Lottery will take place on Friday 13th (Friday 13th of July, 2018 at 14:00 UTC time), where all SapphireCoin investors and ClickJackpot players, who own more than 150 SPH, will participate automatically.

The prices for this draw will be following:

  • 133 x 13,333 SPH

Simple! There will be 133 winners in this lottery and everyone who win, will win 13,333 SPH. Let’s make the western tradition, Friday 13th, day of the bad luck, our lucky day. With SapphireCoin, even the unlucky day can be your lucky day. 🙂

The countdown to the last lottery is available at


SapphireCoin – Currency of the Winners