ClickJackpot – Soon 4 Million Clicks

ClickJackpot – We are soon going to reach 4 Million Clicks!

The ClickJackpot Beta is going forward. Some 3.5k users have now access to the game and we are soon reaching 4 Million clicks in total in the game. That means that 4 000 000 SPH has been spent in the game already within first two weeks after Beta launch with limited number of people gaining access.

Very good job! Thank you! Keep up the work and keep clicking!


The Sapphire Coin® (SPH) is a new cryptocurrency for online gaming, gambling and betting. ClickJackpot® is a new skill-based, patent pending, gambling game with one of the biggest jackpots in any lotto, gambling or betting scenario. You click to play and play to win.

SapphireCoin – Currency of the Winners