Sapphire Arctic Blue Sale

Sapphire Arctic Blue Campaign – Limited Sale

In celebration of our previously announced partnership with Chef & Chevaliers and award winning Arctic Blue Gin spirit, we have decided to announce our last sales campaign before we announce the public exchange listing for Sapphire Coin (SPH).

This pre-exchange and post-ICO sales campaign is also celebrating the huge number of clicks we have received in the ClickJackpot Beta, with over 3 Million (3 000 000) SPH spent in the game by now, in less than 2 weeks from the Beta launch with limited people having the access. Great job you all!

The Sapphire Arctic Blue campaign terms are following:

1. Each Arctic Blue Package will cost 1000 EUR
2. Each buyer can buy maximum of 6 packages
3. For each package purchased, we will send you a special bottle of Sapphire Arctic Blue Gin, Limited Edition, as a gift if you are over 18 years old and live inside European Union
4. Shipments of free gifts will start in the middle of September
5. A maximum of 1000 packages will be sold. This is a limited edition campaign

Please read more information in out campaign page:



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