Digital Exchange Update

Dear all.
Here is short update about Sapphire Coin (SPH) going to the first digital exchange – CredoEx!
We’ve got a message from CredoEx that they will add SPH into the system today (Pacific time), or as soon as possible, after each account holder can start to deposit SPH into their exchange wallet account. This deposit will happen using the PAE wallet Withdraw functionality.
Once you have SPH in your CredoEx wallet, we have time until Monday PT to start building the order book. After that, will follow their official announcement on Tuesday and trading can be started.
At PAE wallet, your home SPH wallet, we have just started to open the withdraw functionality for the first 1000 people. You will receive an email when this functionality has been made available for your account.
Please note that once you withdraw coins to any external wallet, it is your responsibility to take care of them, and to ensure the destination wallet address is ERC20 compliant Ethereum wallet address that has SPH configured correctly. Otherwise you may lose your coins!
We will monitor first withdrawals, and if all look good, we will open the next batch, the next one, the next one, etc. until all accounts have been enabled.
We will also start to open Deposit functionality tomorrow, and wallet-to-wallet transfers day after tomorrow.
All these new functionalities are available for verified users.
Remember that during first days the daily/monthly limits are lower than normal to ensure that all is working correctly. We will start with 10,000 SPH per day / 100,000 SPH per month limits.
For KYC verification, we have changed sending of KYC verification request from SMS to email, which should help with some device issues in some phones. You can then do KYC via desktop too. However, please remember to check your email spam folder once requesting the automated KYC verification (Selified). The Selified process is highly recommended due to very high in-flow of manual KYC requests, where the queue is already several days/weeks at the moment.


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