ID Verification User Guide

How to finish your ID Verification with one try? 
Please check all of this before starting your ID verification!
In case something is not clear please contact us via:


NB! ID verification activation link will be sent to your verified phone number via SMS!


Step 1: In order to start your ID verification, please navigate to notifications bar:



In case there’s no notification bar visible, please navigate to your profile page -> Status tab and click on the ” Start Verification” button.


Step 2: Initiate ID verification by clicking ” Start verification”


Step 3: Follow the given instructions. Please pay attention that if the verification end result is “Failed” then it’s possible to try again once 48 hours has passed from the previous attempt!


Frequently asked questions


Question Response
What are the minimum handset OS versions supported? iPhone 4 or higher; Android 5.1 or higher
I have not received the link. Check you are using the correct email address.
I cannot open the link. Check that you are on WiFi or have mobile data, are not in ‘flight mode’ and (if applicable) that you have sufficient credit.
The link says “unauthorized”. The link has expired or has been used and the identity verification process completed. If you have not completed the process, request another link.
Video camera does not open.


When prompted to ‘Allow access to camera?’ press ‘Yes’. If necessary, close all browser sessions and re-start using same link.
I see a white screen instead of live image when opening the still camera. Too many video retakes overloading memory; clear memory by closing all browsers and re-start using same link.
I see a black screen instead of live image when opening the still camera. Camera in use by another app or browser session. Close all apps/sessions and restart from scratch using same link.


If you interrupted the flow for any reason (e.g to fetch documents or to take a call) you must restart from where you left off. If not, close all browser sessions and restart from scratch using same link.

Image of ID is wrong way up. Press rotate button for correct orientation.
ID image is blurred


Retake image and (1) check focus, (2) hold camera still and (3) ensure the lens is not scratched.
You get a message at the end that says ‘Error – please contact customer services’ Something has gone wrong. Please close all browser session and re-start from the beginning with the same link. If you are still facing the same please error at the end of the process, check your internet connection. If have a good internet connection and are still having this issue please contact customer services.

Error Messages 

The user will either be passed or failed. If failed, you will receive one of these messages:

Failure Message Trigger
Insufficient data Document that does not have all the data fields needed to validate a document e.g.

For Proof of Identification (” ID documentation”) – no name, no photo, no expiry date.

For Proof of Address( ” Utility Bill”) – no name, no address, not enough data .

Document not valid (Invalid examples) ·         UK mobile phone bills;

·         UK provisional driving licences

·         Photocopy of ID

·         Solicitor letter

·         Employer letter

·         Bank letter (if difficult to find relevant data)

·         Rental agreement without logo

·         Non Latin characters – e.g. Greek or Cyrillic characters

·         Invoices

Data mismatch Data field mismatch
Document expired Proof of Identification expired; Proof of Address (” Utility Bill”) date older than 3 months.
Document not clear Unreadable for any reason  due to bad quality or the whole document is not visible.
Document has no date No date on Proof of Address ( ” Utility Bill”)
Document anomaly Suspicious document