Sapphire Coin Enters Into Golf & Football Sports

5-year Partnership Agreement Signed With World Golf Championship for Footballers(tm) Competition

Hi all!

We are delighted to announce that Sapphire Coin has signed a 5-year partnership agreement with INCA Events, a founder and trademark holder of World Golf Championship for Footballers(tm) event, with whom we plan to create the world’s first sports-crossover event.

This enables huge potential for added visibility for SapphireCoin among the legendary football players and PGA Europe coordinated/organized competition. You can read more about the event here.

“We have a spectacular event. We have spectacular players – some of the iconic and legendary names in football all-time! With PGAE running and authorizing the competition event, we want to create something new and fresh. Something unique! For this, we need crowdfunding, which will happen in May/June and our aim is to raise money to make this event as a global title with first big event taking place already next year with TV coverage in multiple continents. I am very happy to get SapphireCoin onboard with us – traditional sports meet modern cryptocurrency.” — Hein Arts, the inventor of the event and founder of INCA Events.

“It is very exciting for us to be part of something fascinating, a unique cross-sport event that combines two very traditional and highly popular sports, Golf and Football, together with our cryptocurrency – the currency of the winners. This matches our concept of winning! I am super excited to see the first real event happening next year and what possible outcome and new opportunities it may provide to us, especially with great publicity and coverage it may offer to us. This will add more credibility to our project, which we have worked hard to get into this phase. I am extremely satisfied!” — Matti Vilola, Chairman of the board of Sapphire Coin and Founder of PayApi Escrow.

For this spectacular event, Sapphire Coin and the upcoming title holding company is announcing an exclusive offer for all Sapphire Coin members and Golf & Football friends – read more about the offer and purchase your Golf & Football package here.

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