Summer Greetings

Happy mid-summer everyone! Enjoy the summer, enjoy your holidays and remember to click! Great rewards are waiting active players!

We have been busy in making the game and wallet system better. This work includes improvements and new features in the wallet system in addition to the game, ClickJackpot.

Some of the new development includes:

  • ClickJackpot is now asking you to add the game to your Home Screen. Please do that as it gives you better control of your user interface and more space to click (not available in all browsers)
  • ClickJackpot is now giving you an option to subscribe to push notifications. Yes, we will start sending notifications about the incoming BIG jackpots or some other special events. We will keep the notifications policy the same as usual – no spam! We will add features over time and you will be able to manage those notifications inside the game.
  • Wallet system now supports Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency. You can deposit, transfer and withdraw those coins normally. The generic availability has been enabled.
  • Wallet has a new feature, Crypto Shop aka Coin Shop, where you can purchase selected coins, at the moment SPH and XRP, easily and safely.
  • Wallet has a new main dashboard, a new layout, where each wallet application has their own section. These sections are Wallet (the original wallet system), Games (list of games integrated/using the Wallet Game API), and Crypto Shop.
  • Wallet Crypto Shop has a feature that allows to secure the sell-back price of the coin purchase. If selected, you can minimize your market price fluctuation risk and get a guaranteed sell-back price for your coin purchase. This means that if you feel you do not need the coins and want to get rid of them, we offer the 100% guaranteed sell-back price for your purchase. Easy, safe!
  • Wallet system has a new section in Profile settings, to configure your bank account details. This information will be used with Crypto Shop sell-back payout. The information is encrypted in our system.
  • Wallet system now enforces PIN code verification for all transfers and withdrawals for security reasons. This option cannot be disabled at the moment. The feature has been enabled in order to force additional security for users who use weak (or leaked) passwords and have not enabled 2-factor authentication.
  • ClickJackpot has a new tutorial for new users. This tutorial is shown to new users before they register to the game. If you are already a user, you can see the tutorial by clicking the Menu/Create new account.
  • ClickJackpot game has now direct purchase option to buy new coins. This will provide you some special discounts and once clicked, it will open the secure payment form directly from your game. Now just enter payment details and the wallet email address, complete the payment, and coins are ready to be used in the game.
  • ClickJackpot game opens now faster with our new compression and front-end side optimizations. Please let us know if you have any problems as we have optimized the flow.
  • Please note, that we keep ClickJackpot game as Beta, as we develop new features and may change the game look & feel, behavior along the way. But it is pretty stable and works well so no need to worry about the stability.. 🙂

Check them out! 🙂

The Sapphire Coin® (SPH) is the cryptocurrency for online gaming, gambling and betting. ClickJackpot® is a new skill-based, patent pending, one-click game with one of the biggest jackpots in this context. You click to play and play to win.

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