CredoEx is down?

We’ve heard from SPH community that CredoEx digital exchange is down and may be unavailable

Hi all!

We have heard from the Sapphire Coin community and SPH token owners who have opened an account in CredoEx, one of our digital exchange partners, that they cannot access or have problems with the service. In these cases, we have always asked everyone to contact CredoEx support as this is a 3rd party service and outside of our control.

We’ve now heard from our SPH community that this service is down and may not be available..

So we have investigated the situation: We tried to access the service from various channels today. It seems down.. It also seems that their digital marketing service, BitBounce, operated also under name of BitBounceAds for businesses, seems to be down. The server is not reachable.

Oh no.. Obviously this is bad news for anyone who had their coins stored in their system. Like us.. quite a lot of coins.. 🙁 So hopefully this is just a temporary glitch in the system and they are fixing the issue..

We are trying to contact the persons we were under discussion with at the time we got SPH into their exchange. If we receive any news, we will let you know and update in this post!

Please note that CredoEx is fully 3rd party and independent digital exchange provider and Sapphire Coin has no control or no rights whatsoever to guide or control their systems. We are customer for them as you are.

During this uncertainty, we will remove any links and buttons to their service from our website. We will add them again in case the service is down only temporarily and if we see that it is a service we can rely on.

Remember that the safest place to store your SPH is inside the PAE Wallet (if you want to keep your tokens in easily accessible and online) or alternatively move them into your private ERC20 compliant wallet e.g. using MEW or MetaMask.

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