Alternative Payment Methods

Alternative payment methods are provided for your convenience in case the preferred purchase form is not suitable for your needs.

Alternative payment methods include: Advanced Cash wallet transactions, bank transfers with  customer due diligence process as well as manually executed crypto-currency transactions (regular sends between wallets).

For larger bank transfers and manual crypto-currency transactions, please contact our sales team at or via contact form in order to get payment instructions.

PLEASE NOTE that when using alternative payment methods, the automated wallet creation and token deposit is not automatic and requires manual review and approval. Please allow minimum of 2-3 business days after the successful transfer of the funds to receive the wallet information and token purchase confirmation (via email).

IMPORTANT: please remember to provide your transfer information, your email address (same as your wallet username) and potential referral code for our information as part of the payment.

Please use this form in case you want to purchase tokens via your Advanced Cash wallet.
AdvCash Form
Email * (your wallet username):

Amount * (payment value in Euros; minimum 1000 EUR):
Referral code:

Order ID * (add your identifier or leave default):


Estimated amount of tokens will appear here.

The recipient of the AdvCash transfer is PayApi Escrow Oü business account. The newly created AdvCash API/SCI integration is under review by the AdvCash staff.

PLEASE NOTE that Advanced Cash form submission has had some issues with some users when returning to our page after successful wallet-to-wallet transfer. If the wallet transfer was successful, do not worry, we should have received the funds correctly and your purchase will be processed as part of the manual review. This takes normally not more than 1-2 business days.