article about our sponsorship deal picked up SapphireCoin/ClickJackpot Rally Sponsorship deal and wrote an awesome and very detailed article about it. Check full article   Here are’s a little flashback – Few unpublished images from previous rally (16.03 – 18.03.2018) – Girona, Spain   SapphireCoin – Currency of the Winners

ClickJackpot game video is here!

Proudly presenting: ClickJackpot promotional video is finally here. Enjoy! Go Here Find Out More                   SapphireCoin – Currency of the Winners!

We are proud to announce ClickJackpot

 ClickJackpot ClickJackpot is a new unique, patent-pending, skill-based gambling ​game with an ​industry-record ​winning percentages and ratios. It’s easy ​to ​play and ​always ​available without ​time ​constraints. Play when you have just 1 minute or play whole day along your other duties. Play in the park, play at the home, metro; play with or against your friends. It’s ​fun, ​engaging and …