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Click to play and play to win

ClickJackpot players play against other players online and just with a click of a button. The gambling can be done at any time and on any device. The average playing round lasts less than a minute.

The players are using the various visual indicators and game statistics, game metrics, to allow the skill-based gaming: click smarter and better than others, estimate and forecast the next big win.

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ClickJackpot provides the world’s biggest jackpot of its kind.


ClickJackpot is more accessible to casual players the Poker is: easier to play, always available without time constraints, fun and engaging and very much rewarding.


How to play

The game is played with a single click using various information, statistics and game visualization to increase the probability of the win.

The single click gambling is implemented with a simple user interface combined with unique user experience for the players. The game is categorizes as controlled skill game.


Players play against other players online and just with a click of a button. For increased rewards, more time is required to play. Active players are rewarded regularly. The use of the game metrics allow skill-based gaming and playing smarter than others.

Gaming industry

Gaming industry has a size of over 60-65 Billion USD globally. The estimated size of the market in Europe is about 15 000 Millions of EUR. The growth is estimated to be 10-15% per year. Some characteristics for the market definition is that 70% of all people over 18 years in UK play the national lottery regularly by the UK gambling association´s study.


sapphire coin

In order to play, ClickJackpot players buy Sapphire Coin to play the game. Sapphire is the exclusive currency for the game. It´s available for the purchase through the pre-sales and ICO phases. To protect coin investors and token sales, and an agreement with a 3rd party secure financials company PayApi Escrow Ltd has been established.