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Sapphire is the exclusive currency for the world’s biggest jackpot game. The Sapphire enables people to win highest prices in the history and use their tokens worldwide and to buy & sell them freely on the digital exchanges.

Sapphire Coin (SPH), a token, is built on top of validated Ethereum platform and based on the verified ERC20 standard. The token sales is executed as Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the total token supply is fixed to 1Bn tokens.

Purchasing of Sapphire Coins is easy. In simplest way you do not need any crypto-wallets or accounts to digital exchanges. Just purchase as you would in the normal online store.

Option 1: Use the purchase form in this website to buy tokens using the secure payment processing system from PayApi (PCI DSS Level 1 certified secure payments system approved by Visa and MasterCard among other card brands).

Option 2: Check out the alternative payment methods section and contact us in case you want to buy tokens via big bank transfer or use the Advanced Cash solution or send us crypto-currency transfer directly to the escrow wallet.

1. Visit www.sapphirecoin.io/register. Note also all the language versions.

2. Fill in the form

3. Receive automated e-mail with activation link (Please always double check your e-mail spam box, some times our registration e-mail could end up there)

4. Login to your new SPH Wallet

The initial coin offering (ICO) is created to seek for early investors and players to help in the funding of the development and marketing of the gaming platform and the token.

Early buyers will get more benefits and discounted price for the token.

The phases of the ICO are following:

  • Pre-sales phase: buy 1 token, get 10 tokens.
  • Pre-ICO phase: buy 1 token, get 5 tokens.
  • ICO phase: buy 1 token, get 3 tokens.

When the project is ready and token has been made available through the selected digital exchanges, the nominal value of the token is set to 1.00€/token.

The token price will be different depending on which phase you are purchasing them. The rule-of-thumb is following: the earlier you buy, the more you get.

Pricing of the tokens is following:

  • In Pre-sales phase: buy 1 token, get 10 tokens. Nominal price is 0.10€/token.
  • In Pre-ICO phase: buy 1 token, get 5 tokens. Nominal price is 0.20€/token.
  • In ICO phase: buy 1 token, get 3 tokens. Nominal price is 0.33€/token.
  • In Post-ICO phase: when the project is ready and token has been made available, the nominal value of the token is set to 1.00€/token.

Using the referral program both the buyer and the seller can gain extra bonus for the purchase. Using the referral code upon purchasing, both parties get +30% extra tokens.
For example: Person A refers to Person B. Person B buys 10000 tokens. Both A and B get extra 3000 tokens.

During pre-sales phase, an additional early investor bonus is provided. Depending on your purchase price (EUR value), you will get extra token allocation bonus from 5% up to 50%. This bonus is enabled with purchases over 1000 EUR in value.

Token Supply

Pre-sales phase : 100M tokens

  • Sold for early investors (10%)

Pre-ICO phase: 200M tokens

  • 180M token sale for buyers (18%)
  • 20M held by the founders (2%)

ICO phase: 300M tokens

  • Token sale for buyers (30%)

Post-ICO sales: 400M  tokens

  • 333.3M given out as game rewards for players or allocated for special events (33.3%)
  • 66.7M sold for new players (price: 1 EUR per token) (6.67%)

Following traditional payment methods are supported:

  • EUR and USD purchases via credit card
  • EUR bank transfers for validated investors for larger investments (please contact us for this information)
  • PayPal transactions (will be provided during ICO phase)
  • Advanced Cash wallet-to-wallet transactions

Following crypto-currency are supported:

  • BTC Bitcoin
  • BCH Bitcoin Cash
  • ETH Ethereum
  • LTC Litecoin

To protect coin investors and token sales, an agreement with a 3rd party secure payments company (PayApi Escrow Ltd) has been established.

The company will coordinate and monitor the token sales and hold the funds until required milestones and obligations have been reached.

The escrow process ensures that if minimum funding targets are not met; investors will get their funds back from the trusted organization (a full refund minus payment processing fees of 3% will be issued).

Process is simple: Buyer buys tokens and makes the payment. Funds are received and stored in dedicated escrow accounts. Sapphire will deliver milestones upon supervision of escrow company. Funds are released when milestones are achieved in multiple steps.

You can freely buy & sell your tokens once the game has been developed and published and the token has distributed to the selected digital exchanges.

This will happen end-of Q2 2018: around June this year.

Prior to this, you will be able to transfer your tokens inside the secure PayApi Escrow wallet and win more tokens in the weekly referral lottery, which is started during the ICO phase.

The plan is to make token available in following mainstream digital currency exchanges:

  • Bittrex
  • Poloniex
  • Shapeshift (under evaluation)

The selection of digital exchanges will happen during early 2018.

The game should be ready and published at the same time when token is made available in selected digital exchanges.

This will happen end-of Q2 2018: around June this year.

Prior to this, a limited alpha testing will be provided for selected buyers couple of months earlier to the release date.

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If your question remains unanswered, please contact us via the contact form or drop us an email at support[at]sapphirecoin.io.

If you have questions about the escrow service or the payment processing system, please contact PayApi Escrow support at: support[at]payapiescrow.com