Support and FAQ


The project specific support has been closed. The project was completed in December 2018 when the final milestones were determined to be completed in the project. Please feel free to use the SPH anywhere and with any of the partner applications which remain in their decision to update/develop/maintain.

The support is based on self-support with some Frequently Asked Questions collected below.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Sapphire Coin (SPH) is a cryptocurrency for gaming, gambling and betting applications. It was launched in year 2017 as an exclusive currency for the unique skill-game called ClickJackpot - The One-Click Millionaire game. The coin project was completed in December 2018 and is now available globally in the Ethereum blockchain. 

The goal of Sapphire Coin is to enable people to win some of the highest prices in the history and use the coin worldwide.

Technically, Sapphire Coin is a token that is built on top of the validated Ethereum platform and the token code is based on the verified ERC20 standard. The token total token supply is fixed to 1Bn units.