The World Golf Championship for Footballers™

The Golf & Football Corporation welcomes SapphireCoin (SPH) as official sponsor of The World Golf Championship for Footballers™. Part of the agreement is a One-Time Super Deal for all loyal G&F friends- and followers: invest 50€ or multiple in this spectacular sports-crossover event, become a shareholder (0,0005% per 50€ unit) in the title holding company and your number of euros invested will be doubled with SPH!

An unbeatable offer for all Golf&Football followers!

Per 50€ unit or multiple you will receive equity (an ownership) in The World Golf Championship for Footballers ™ and, as a bonus, 100 SapphireCoins*, Currency Of The Winners!

* Current web sales price:

Expanding the business – Building a strong brand!

INCA Events intents to organize incomparable events throughout the year and exploit the numerous of business opportunities around it and build a strong brand. Key is the development of content.

Examples thereof are:

  • National pre-qualification competitions
  • Celeb-Am’s
  • Monthly television journals
  • Soccer fairs
  • Golf competition between clubs
  • Participating in UEFA´s Champions League
  • YouTube channel
  • Online activities

Funding is needed to meet with these ambitious targets. Based on the sponsorship deal, loyal friends and followers of G&F get a first and incomparable right of entry.

A worldwide crowdfunding program will be launched in May. Crowdfunding was chosen because the football- and golfsport together represented hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of people worldwide. And that target group can rightfully be considered the crowd!

New SPH wallet holders will benefit from the successful results.


How to invest

  1. Read the terms and fill-in the purchase form
  2. Complete your payment details
  3. Once payment is confirmed. You will receive email about the confirmation of your wallet account with SPH coins and about the Golf & Football Package purchase.
  4. The actual registration of your G&F ownership will be done as part of crowdfunding at the time of crowdfunding starting (May/June 2019).
    We will transfer all registrations to them at this point in co-operation with the escrow company.
    This registration will happen under the laws of England in United Kingdom by the Golf & Football Corporation (
Don’t miss this opportunity. This offer runs from 1 May 2019 to 1 June 2019.

This purchase is protected with an escrow service - meaning that the funds of the purchase will not be transferred to Golf & Football Corporation until the shares have been registered and SPH has been transferred. If for any reason this won't realize, you will get a full refund minus escrow processing fees of 3%.

PayApi Escrow
The escrow and wallet service is provided by the PayApi Escrow OÜ.


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Please note that your purchase will be marked as "SPH Golf and Football Purchase" and the seller is either PayApi Escrow OU or PayApi Projects Oy, our payments partners.


Disclaimer: dates of event, participants, performances, and venues are subject to change without notice. INCA Events accepts no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for event cancellation or other acts beyond its control. The names of the ambassadors are in the process of being re-confirmed. This special offer is valid from 01 May 2019 to 1 June 2019. All rights reserved by Golf & Football Corporation.